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Star Shape

The Zierer Star Shape ride moves around three axes: The star with 6 gondola, each 4 m, are mounted at the end of a long (12 m) arm, which can rotate around a horizontal axis  (X). (Data are taken from the drawing.) The star rotates around the long arm (z axis) and the gondola can rotate freely. The photos, accelerometer graphs and the more detailed analysis on this site refer to the Liseberg ride Mechanica, which opened 25 April 2015.

(See also Liseberg's playlist for Mechanica.) 

The motion of the Star Shape

  • The main arm moves a full turn in about 8 seconds, with relatively constant angular velocity (see video).
  • The star makes a full turn in about 10s, measured most easily in the highest position.
  • The gondolas rotate individually, and act like swings in the highest and lowest points. 
  • The combined rotation leads to additional effects as discussed in more detail on the page for Mechanica.
  • The modelling of the motion uses the coordinate systems defined in the bottom photo to the right.