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1: The Liseberg theater

Next to the main entrance you find the Liseberg theatre. The round shape remind us that the building has been a planetarium which opened in 1944, showing planets and stars moving across the sky. 

The earth moves around the sun with a speed of 30 km/s. This corresponds to travelling from Liseberg in Göteborg to Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen in 10 seconds. And we move along without noticing it. In the same time, the sun moves around the centre of the Milky way at 230 km/s, nearly 8 times as fast.

The nutcrackers in the entrance, waiting for your visit, travel just as fast.

  • Can you think of another example of motion that you don't feel?
  • How fast can you travel in a roller coaster at Liseberg?
  • What is the maximum speed of the fastest roller coaster in the world?
  • Why do we feel the motion in a roller coaster but not the motion around the sun or the centre of the galaxy?  

Einstein '23

During Liseberg's centennial celebration 2023, the theatre hosted the first day of the conference Einstein '23 with included four Nobel laureates, Dave Wineland and  Serge Haroche (2012), Donna Strickland (2018) and Didier Queloz (2019).