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12 Hissningen

Feeling half or twice as heavy as normal? In a Zierer Familien Frei Fall Turm, like Hissningen at Liseberg you get to experience both. Fast and slow, high and low, light and heavy - but in what positions?

Start by watching movie of the motion and think about it. At Liseberg, you may also be allowed to bring a short slinky (ask nicely!) to give a visual impression of the forces. (Watch a group of teachers with slinkies in the sister ride Stjernetårnet i Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen)

Read more about the velocity, acceleration and forces in Hissningen.

Other Zierer Family drop towers

Hissningen, Liseberg; Lyktan, Gröna Lund; Stjernetårnet, Tivoli Gardens and Poppy Tower, EuropaPark.