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15 Lisebergshjulet

The radius of the Lisebergshjulet is R=24 m.

  • What is the elevation difference between the highest and lowest points?
  • How much do you expect the air pressure to change between the highest and lowest points?
  • If your phone has a barometer, try measuring the pressure change as you travel in the Ferris wheel -or move up and down an escalator (use e.g. Physics Toolbox Play or PhyPhoX)
  • Look at the graph below of an estimate of the elevation variations during the ride (based on measurement for the air pressure).
    • What time (T) is needed to complete half a turn?
    • How far (S) do you travel during half a turn? 
    • What is the speed during this motion (v=S/T)?
    • How large is the centripetal acceleration during the motion (v2/R)?