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18 Ice skating

During the Christmas season at Liseberg, the large area in front of the large stage becomes an ice rink. Bring your skates or rent on-site and discover how easily the skates glide in the direction of the blad, but hardly glides at all to the side.

Think about what forces act on you as you turn - or maybe move around in a circle.

As you move around in a circle, the velocity changes all the time, making you accelerat towards the middle – as e.g. in the Waveswinger - and how need to lean inwards, in the same way as the chains and swings in the Waveswinger.

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How do synchronised skaters lean in a skating wing?

The skaters further away from the center must move faster to keep up with the wing. This leads to a large acceleration towards the center, and the angle thus depends on the distance.