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19 Loke

Today is the full moon. When can you see the moon in the west, like on the calendar map?

The largest swing at Liseberg is named Loke, which is an Intamin Gyro Swing, where the whole circle with riders rotates along the long pendulum arm.

Loke swings up to 120°. The higher the swing, the fast in the lowest point. For a maximum angle of 60°, the force at the bottom would be twice as large as normal ("2G"), and for 90° you expect 3G. For 120° you expect a force in the lowest point to be 4 times as large as normal ("4G"). Why?

However, the graph shows larger values. These are related to the Coriolis effect. On one side the circular motion is in the same direction as the pendulum motion, whereas on the other side it is opposite, causing a lower velocity. Can you feel that you are a bit heavier when the circular motion add to the speed? (You feel it just as clearly in the HangHai)

Read more about the forces in a rotating pendulum ride and view the related video abstract