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20 Underlandet


When Alice falls into the Wonderland, nothing is the same any more.

As you travel down to Underlandet with the elevator, it hardly moves  – even if it looks like you move when you look through the window. We don't feel a constant velocity (Newton's first law!), but only changes, like the rattle as the start.

As the wheel in front of you rotates, it creates an illusion that the track leans much more to the side than it does.

Maybe you also discover some version of "Pepper's ghost" during the tour – keep you eyes open.

At the end of the tour, you look into a long tunnel - but is it really that long, or is it just semi-transparent mirrors deceiving us.  And where are the letters that appear at the end.

"Behind the mirror" in  the  Kristallsalongen you will find many more illusions.

If you are prepared, you may be able to start a data collection of air pressure, using e.g. PhyPhoX or Physics Toolbox (if your phone has a pressure sensor), before the elevator start moving down to Underlandet. How much does the air pressure change? Compare to what happens in an escalator (e.g. in door 2) or in a real elevator! (Read more)