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21 Hoppalång

Hoppalång is just a few steps away from Underlandet. It is part of the Rabbit Land which opened on April 27 2013.

  • Hoppalång moves round and round in a circle. A full turn takes about 11 seconds.
  • At the same time, the little air planes bounce up and down. Each bounce takes about 1.4 seconds

How high would you need to jump from the ground to stay in the air for 1.4 seconds before landing again?

What makes the planes bounce? What does it feel like?


  • Look at the photo below which shows the technique!
  • The accelerometer graph show how much heavier (or lighter) you feel during the different parts om the bouncing.
  • For a jump to take 1.4 second, it would have to need 0.7 seconds to reach the highest point - and then 0.7s to come down again.
  • How far do you fall during 0.7 sekunder?
  • Estimate how high the little planes bounce?  (Is this higher or lower than you would have to jump to be in the air for 1.4 seconds?)