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8. AtmosFear: Free fall tower

In  AtmosFear you can experience Free Fall, which is one of the most typical examples in the school textbook in physics. The difference is that in AtmosFear - you, yourself, are falling, together with the ring of seats holding you and 39 additional guests. Only the force of gravity acts on you. If you had taken a bathroom scale along (don't even think about it!) it would have shown zero. For a couple of seconds you experience weightlessness.

Take moment to consider in what other rides at Liseberg you may experience weightlessness!

See a short movie of the fall and read more about AtmosFear (only in Swedish)

Other investigations of free fall

During the Christmas season, AtmosFear is closed as a ride - instead it is a giant Christmas tree, visible from most of Gothenburg

A few other ways to investigate free fall: