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Full moon in the west

  • When can you see the full moon - and where do you look? (Check date for the next full moon)
  • What time of day can you see the full moon in the west (as on the beautiful Liseberg map in the calendar)?
  • The photo below shows a full moon behind Balder, on the evening of 4 Nov 4, 2017.

The LunaPark area at Liseberg opened in 2022 with the new rides Tempus and Turbo

In 2023, a new roller coaster named Luna  opened - view a video film of a virtual ride - or a film from the pre opening day together with the  European Coaster Club.

We will have a full moon on 27 November  and 27 December 2023, and a new moon on 13 December.

Which way should you look to see a new moon in the evening?

Why can you not see a new moon in the morning?

Evening full moon