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With Newton at Liseberg

Waiting to enter

Soon it is december. While waiting to open the first door, we start by considering the forces acting while you are at rest.

While in the queue, you experience an example of Newton's first law, which states: "A body remains at rest or in uniform rectilinear motion unless influenced by external forces".

The downwards force of gravity, mg, always acts on you. In the queue, the force of gravity is counteracted by an upwards force from the ground preventing you to fall towards the centre of the Earth.

Similarly, your hat is pulled downwards by gravity, but kept up  by an upwards force from your head.

The snowman floating in the water is influenced by gravity and by an equally large upwards force from the water. You, the hat and the snowmen remain at rest.

About this calendar

This calendar will take you on a tour around the Liseberg amusement park in Göteborg, with start with examples of Newton's first law in different situations. We then move on to Newton's second law, F= m a, and examples of the forces that must act on you to enable acceleration - no-one visits an amusement park to experience Newton's first law!

The different "stations" (doors) offer simple observations for the whole family, as well as more extensive problems that may be suitable for student assignments or group projects.

In December, continue to the first door of the Calendar