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Equipment in rides

Suggested list of accepted equipment

  • Printed protractor, with a small cuddly toy on a short string (20-40 cm)
  • Short plastic slinky, attached a rubber band on a finger. Maximum length hanging freely at rest: 8 cm for small rides, 4 cm for roller coasters.
  • Smartphone, with apps for data collection, e.g. PhyPhoX or Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite (roller coaster). Practice using them in advance!
  • A way to attach the smartphone (or other sensor) safely to your body

This table shows suggested list of where equipment, described above can be used. The use for for various rides will be described in more detail as pages are added. 

It is recommended that a teacher wishing for students to perform the experiments contacts the park in advance to agree on plans.

RideShort plastic slinkySmall soft toy on short soft stringWater (max 2 cm)Phone (in closed pocket)
Vienna Wave Swing(x)(x)xx
Poppy Towers
(Zierer FamilienFreiFallTurm)
London Bus (Flying carpet ride)xxx
EURO tower (rotating panorama tower) xx
British Carousel
Fliegender Holländerx
Blue Fire (and other large roller coasters)?--


In addition spiral toy, if available, might be used in family rides (Photo of equipment including a spiral rabbit).