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Griezelkopjes - a classic teacup ride

The classical "Mad Tea Party" from Disney was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  The photo shows the teacup rides from Mack at Liseberg, where the data collection took place and the Spinning Dragons at the EuropaPark, moving in a similar way. In these rides, you may be allowed to bring a small soft toy on a string and watch it's motion as the ride combines circular motion with different size with different centres (more details, so far only in Swedish)

Motion of a rider

Which of the graphs  describes best the motion of a rider in a cup?

Watch a movie of the ride Kaffekoppen at Liseberg or use WolframAlpha to draw a graph of the motion.

Forces on a rider

Which forces act on a rider? Use a cuddly animal on a string with a protractor to measure the horizontal acceleration, as in the photo.
Watch a short movie from Gröna Lund.

Accelerometer data