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Vienna Wave Swing

KettenFlieger / Wave Swingers can be used for a number of student assignments of different degrees of difficulty, across a number of math and physics topics. Theoretical investigations for the classroom can be based on ride data, photographs, movies or accelerometer datasets. Physical model experiments can be used to develop a deeper understanding of the physics involved. Worksheets during park visits may scaffold measurements for the actual amusement park ride, as well as the follow-up calculations. Through variations in the task formulations and in the choice of data provided, the degree of difficulty can be adapted, as well as the physics or math in focus. Which physics or math topics can you identify as relevant in connection with these rides? Which questions can you ask and what tasks can be identified, using these photos? What investigations can be performed on-site or on the ride? What assignments would you like to include in a worksheet?

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The graph below shows accelerometer data for a ride in the Vienna Wave Swing (from Zierer) located in the England part of the Europa-Park.

With water in a soft glass

What happens to the water level? What these short videos from other Wave Swingers