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Fårup sommarland

During a visit to Fårup in June 2010, I collected data in two major roller coasters. Below, the data for Lynet - the Lightning are presented with a few comments and photos. For Falken, only graphs are shown.

Lynet - the Lightning


 The Lynet in Fårup Summerland starts (photo above) with a 2 s acceleration (clearly visible in the "longitudinal" component of the accelerometer data, just after the 5s mark). The little car with 6 riders acquires a speed of 80 km/h, sufficient to take it over the 20m Top Hat (see the elevation data around 9s).

The rider experiences the largest G forces, as it enters the vertical track to move up to the top hat: Just before 8s it reaches over 4G in the "vertical" component and more if you take all components into account (see the graph below).

The photo to the right shows the top hat, and the picture above shows the total G-force for Lynet, together with elevation data (click for enlargement).

Falken - the Falcon