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Gröna Lund

A site dedicated to You, who are a teacher and visit Gröna Lund with together with your class.

Welcome to an inspiring day of learning together with your students, a day full of the joys of math, physics, science and technology. Edutainment days at Gröna Lund usually takes place Thursdays and Friday(s) of the second and third week of September, with 2-3000 students every event.

You can prepare the fields trip with math problems and conceptual questions from the Gröna und www-page, where you can also download a quiz for your students. The material has been produced in a collaboration between Gröna Lund and the Swedish National Resource Centre for Physics Education.

If this your first time using an amusement park together with your students, this may be an adequate level of ambition. Consider adding one of the rides for deeper investigations in the class.

When you have built more experience with class visits in an amusement park, you can also choose to let the students work in groups of 4-6 students focusing on a couple of rides.

On this www page you find suggested worksheets for six different groups, at two levels of difficulty. Let the students write a short report and present the results to each other and discuss their findings

We are happy to hear your comments, including suggestions for improvements and addition - and please, do feel free to ask us, should questions arise. E-mail or join us in the Facebook group Tivolifysik and ask a question to the forum.