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Hissningen is a FamilienFreiFallTurn from Zierer.

Before riding, watch and consider: 

  • When do you feel the heaviest?
  • When do you feel the lightest?

(You may also watch the movie at the bottom of the page)

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How many g?

The graph shows the "g" factor durign the ride. If you have a  SmartPhone you can use it to collect data. (Read more about  collecting data with the phone!

  • Can you relate the peaks in the graphs to the parts of the ride?
  • Watch the movie: What happens in the middle? How is this visible in the graph?

The graph below shows  details for a couple of the first bounces.


Take a look at a few other representations of parts of the motion of Hissningen.

Hissningen at Liseberg has a sister ride at Gröna Lund: Lyktan.