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Luna – a new roller coaster 2023

Luna is a new roller coaster from Vekoma. After being pulled backwards up the lifthill, with views over Liseberg, you start to roll down the hill, faster and faster, past the station and with more views untill youy reach the part where the track moves straight uphill and just finished. 

But before the train leaves the track, you slow down, rolling backwards all the way back, past the station, before slowing down in the first hill and then rolling slowly into the station.

A roller coaster for (nearly) the whole family. Higher than Rabalder, but milder than Lisebergbanan, Balder and Valkyria.  (Length required: 120 cm)

The top photo shos the Lisebergbanan track closeby and then Valkyria and Balder in the background.

(Video from the tour)


Högsta delen av spåret - och tillbaka på stationen