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Screenshots of the dive with 0.2s intervals. The distance between the first and third row is 3.0m

Approaching Gothenburg on the E6, you notice the changed Skyline, with the spectacular drop of the new Valkyria dive coaster.

At the top of the 50 m drop, 18 riders in three rows watch down into the hole of the tunnel below, waiting for the drop, which offers 2 seconds of near weightlessness, before the track starts turning to enter the tunnel, changing the force on the rider to 4G and reaching a speed of 105 km/h.

The wide Valkyria train spreads its wings in the themed area Myths and Legends, among the Norse gods Balder and Loke. The station, with several valkyries overlooking the visitors, is modeled after Nordic stave churches. Gardeners have planted many different trees around the station, including, of course, an ash tree, although not quite of Yggdrasil size. Inside the station, Wagner lovers will recognize the Ride of the Valkyrie theme as part of the more than 1 hour long sound track from IMAscore. The complex queuing area offers views both of the track and many artifacts from Norse mythology.

Full of expectations you finally enter the loading area, where you may first notice the valkyries in circles on the ground, cleverly marking assigned places in the train. Shields, lamps, weapons, music and flying ravens of Odin projected on the walls all contribute to the feeling of being transported to a very different space-time reality.

Moving up the 45° lifthill, there is no turning back – and why would you? The ride ahead is amazing! Coming out ouf the tunnel, you enter immediately into the large Immelmann, first turning back over the tunnel, before shifting direction into an overbanked Horse shoe, making you lose the sense of direction, already before you enter the parabolic free fall of the Zero-g roll, on the other side of the station. The track then takes you all the way to the southern border of the park in a Figure eight curve, before coming back in a Barrel roll that takes you over the Mölndal river into a hairpin turn and back into the smooth magnetic brakes on the station. And you know that you have to come back for another ride!

Although the first valley exposes you to about 4Gs for nearly 2 seconds, and the elements that follow give you 7 additional experiences of 3G or more, the ride is so smooth, that you can ride it many times in a row (except for queues). It feels like the track follows your motion, rather than you being pushed by the train. Years of design work, including constructions, computer programming, material development, experience and creativity must have laid the foundation for the building of Valkyria. The guests at Liseberg can finally enjoy the result, both on the ride and from the ground.

Be sure to take a walk around the park to discover all the elements – but to see the track in the tunnel, you have to join the queue.

Screen shots from a GoPro movie from the Press opening Aug 7.

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This text is based on a manuscript for Kirmes Park Review, Sept 2018