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Packing for a day among carousels and coasters

This is a list of what you may take along for your day in an amusement park. What your list will look like depends on what investigations are planned. Don't forget to check the park rules!

  • Writing material and work sheets for the day
  • Schedule for the day and a list of the rides and tasks for your group
  • Printed protractor, with a small cuddly toy on a short string (20-40 cm)
  • Plastic slinky, max 4 cm long hanging freely, a spiral to (if available)
  • Measuring tape
  • Smartphone, with apps for data collection, e.g. PhyPhoX or Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite (roller coaster). Practice using them in advance!
  • A way to attach the smartphone (or other sensor) safely to your body
  • Clothes to keep you warm and dry
  • Money for bag storage, food and drink
  • Backpack or bag for equipment and, maybe, lunch or snacks.
  • Last, but not least, a lot or energy, entusiasm and curiosity

Also, look at the First-timers checklist and a Planning checklist from Physics Days at Great America.