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In the small ferris wheel Ballongyngen you move slowly around in a circle in a vertical plane. You accelerate towards the centre during the motion, so the forces on the body vary during the ride. Since it is a quite ride, it may be possible to sit on a bathroom scale during the ride and see how the reading changes, depending on the position in the circle. Where do you think you will feel the lightest? Heaviest?

The graph under the picture shows how the perceived weight ("Normal force/mg") changes during the ride. (1 is your normal weight. 1.1 means you feel 10% heavier than normal.) The bottom graph shows the variation in air pressure during the ride, due to the change in elevation as you move up and down.

The small gondola can rotate freely around the suspension axis and will hang slightly to the side, due to the changing direction of the motion.

The photo to the right shows a screen shot from the movie, below, of the Ballongyngen, showing that the gondola hang in different directions depending on the location in the circle. 

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